New Microsoft’s Co-Pilot Updates for Windows 11

Microsoft's Co-Pilot Updates for Windows 11

On September 26th, Microsoft is set to release a significant update for Windows 11, introducing Co-Pilot for Windows. This update, known as 22 H2, will bring about 150 enhancements to your Windows 11 PC. In this article, we’ll dive into the key features and what you can expect from this update.

Co-Pilot for Windows

Microsoft's Co-Pilot Updates for Windows 11

Co-Pilot for Windows is a free feature included in the Windows 11 update. It will be readily accessible in your taskbar, offering assistance whenever you need it. Whether you want Co-Pilot for Windows to suggest a Spotify song, adjust Windows settings, or summarize a web page, it will be there to help. However, this is only the top of the iceberg.

Enhanced Photos App

The Photos app will now be integrated with AI, making photo editing easier than ever. New features like background blur and the ability to search all your OneDrive photos with descriptive queries will enhance your photo management experience.

AI-Powered Microsoft Paint

Microsoft Paint enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that it’s getting an AI upgrade. Features like background removal, layers, and the introduction of “co-creator,” which can generate realistic images from text descriptions, will take your creativity to new heights.

Notepad Upgrades

If you’re a Notepad user, you’ll appreciate the addition of tabs and auto-save. Say goodbye to losing important notes or shopping lists.

Clip Champ Integration

Microsoft has acquired Clip Champ, an application for video creation and editing. Clip Champ will now be included for free with Windows 11, and it’s getting AI integration. It can compose and suggest scenes for your videos, making video creation more accessible and efficient.

Pass Keys for Enhanced Security

Windows 11 introduces a new security tool called Pass Keys. Instead of remembering unique passwords for various websites and applications, you can create different pass keys for sites that support them. It not only simplifies the process but also enhances security.

Improved Windows 11 Backup

Transferring data and applications to a new Windows device will become more seamless with this update, taking a cue from the simplicity of Apple’s data transfer process.

These are just a few highlights from the 150 updates coming to your Windows 11 computer with the upcoming update.

Co-Pilot for Microsoft 365

Microsoft's Co-Pilot Updates for Windows 11

In addition to Co-Pilot for Windows, there’s another product called Co-Pilot for Microsoft 365, set to be released in November. However, it has generated some controversy due to its pricing.

A license for Co-Pilot for Microsoft 365 will cost around $30 per user per month, significantly more than Microsoft 365 Business Premium, which includes email, SharePoint, Teams, and security for $22 per user per month. Microsoft justifies the higher cost by claiming that Co-Pilot for Microsoft 365 will save users a considerable amount of time.

This product integrates with Microsoft 365 apps and can write emails, create proposals in Word, analyze data in Excel, and generate presentations in PowerPoint, among other tasks. More information on Co-Pilot for Microsoft 365 will be available in November.


Windows 11 users have exciting updates to look forward to, with Co-Pilot for Windows enhancing productivity and creativity. Meanwhile, Co-Pilot for Microsoft 365, although pricier, promises to be a powerful tool for streamlining tasks within the Microsoft 365 suite.

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